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Cults Academy is a full six year secondary school which was opened in 1967 to replace the junior secondary school at Culter and to provide comprehensive education for Lower Deeside. Facilities, apart from classrooms and laboratories, include a gymnasium, swimming pool, assembly hall, library and dining hall. Pupils come to the Academy from the associated primary schools at Culter, Cults, Maryculter, Milltimber and Lairhillock. Free transport is currently provided by the authority for those pupils who live within the catchment area at distances greater than three miles from the school.

In the current session 2007/2008 there are 178 pupils in the first year. These pupils are divided into 9 groups for practical classes and 7 groups for non-practical classes. The total roll is 1075, of whom almost 549 are in years four, five and six. 99% of our pupils in S4 in session 2006/2007 continued their education at Cults Academy in session 2007/2008.

Our pupils have again performed very creditably in the national examinations and have produced results of which the school feels justifiably proud. Over 80% of our leavers in session 2006/2007 went on to tertiary education.

Our extra-curricular programme continues to offer opportunities for enjoyment and personal development. The programme includes activities of a sporting, aesthetic and cultural nature. In the week by week programme we offer a range of activities for which the uptake is high. In addition, we have a number of annual or occasional events. These include speaking competitions, and special charity activities. During session 1995-96 a very successful charity group - C.A.T.CH. - was formed, details of which are given on page 31, and this continues to be an important part of pupil life at Cults Academy. Music is very important at Cults Academy and, during the last session, we were treated to concerts of the highest standard.

Cults Academy's very successful School Board and PTA have been replaced under new legislation by a Parent Council and The Social and Fundraising Committee. In addition, we are striving to foster links with the wider community through a whole range of activities. Our aim is to ensure that the growing involvement of the school in the community and the community in the school will continue to develop positively in the years that lie ahead. This is even more relevant as we look forward to our new school building, construction of which has now started on our existing site.

It is with great optimism and pleasure that we look forward to welcoming those pupils in primary 7 who will become our new first year in August 2008. We hope that the contents of this booklet will be helpful to parents and to youngsters as the latter settle into Cults Academy. It is our aim that, in their time at this school, pupils will gain educationally and socially from the experiences which we provide for them.

Please note that the information contained in this online prospectus is accurate as at December 2007, but is liable to change thereafter.

 Oliver Kidd - Pupil

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